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"One of the most important gifts a father can give to his child is his one-on-one time"

The Indian Guide program (Adventure Guides) is for children who will be entering Kindergarten through the 3rd grade. Indian Guides groups are organized in single gender "tribes" that meet 1-2 times per month and may plan additional activities. There are also a number of Federation wide activities that include weekend campouts, a winter time pool party (inside!), and a kite fly.

Program Name

The YMCA has supported the program since 1926. For many years, the program was known only as "Indian Guides" for boys or "Indian Princesses" for girls. The national YMCA broadened the program to support a variety of program themes under the "Adventure Guides" name. Sometimes the program is just called "Y Guides".

Indian Guides, Adventure Guides, Y Guides, they all have the same meaning: Fathers having fun with their children!

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